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Who's that girl?


Christina Cobb

BFA from UNC Charlotte

Lives & works Charlotte, NC

The moment pen or brush engage with surface, the conversation of The Creator and my heart and world begin there chattering until there is a peace within my soul, a resolution to move on, a celebration of the present or simply a release of what I’ve held too tightly. This journey of word, line, mark making, color and layering makes its way from my soul and its experience to the spiritual experience in all of us.  My why is because I am a connector at the soul level and my art opens the gates for those conversations that started within and with My Maker to continue with the people that become my community and my family; the viewers.

I have created with some variety of color on any kind of surface since I could appreciate the smell of a crayon box.  From those short fingers and tiny hands, I began to translate my world into color, layers, light, form and line. And now, those continue to speak as my language; my way of pouring out what I take in.  Processing the rhythm of laughter, the playfulness of jazz, the jagged and smooth lines of shadows on my afternoon walks, even the feel of breathing during yoga; these become the conversations seen on canvas.  Most intimately the dialogue that occurs between my Maker and I are what drive the core of every piece.  His peace, His movement, His healing are all the “hands” creating the dance between the canvas and myself.  My art is the essence of living in my world.

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